Our facility contains over 200 storage units on two levels, varying in size from about 5 x 5 feet up to 10 x 30 feet.  With the exception of the the 10 x 30's, which are drive-ups, all our units are accessed from indoor hallways.  Indoor storage units have distinct advantages over drive-ups, the most obvious being that there are two doors between the elements and your stored items rather than just one.

To compensate for the perceived inconvenience of an indoor unit, a 6-wheeled pushcart is positioned at each of the four entrances and dollies are available in the office for use on site.  The upper level is accessed by four stairways and two elevators just inside the driveway doors.  Each elevator is rated for 4500 pounds or 30 people.

Sky 2 Storage is climate-friendly to your stored items. What does this mean? Each unit is liberally vented which allows ambient air currents to flow through, thus preventing the hot and humid "oven effect" common with unventilated units in the summer or the "icebox effect" during the winter.  Assisted by Lompoc's temperate climate, both the temperature and humidity inside our double-insulated facility stay relatively constant year round.*
Security couldn't be any better at Sky 2 Storage. Access to the complex is by coded entry to renters only. Each storage unit is individually alarmed. More than a dozen cameras throughout the complex, inside and out, provide 24-hour video-recorded surveillance in addition to feeding several monitors in the office. The managers' residence is on site.  No one enters or leaves without us knowing who and when!


*Our facility is NOT "climate controlled." There are no heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers or dehumidifiers.  We don't believe these are necessary in Lompoc.

1029 W. Laurel Avenue ~ Lompoc, California 93436
(Corner of Laurel Avenue and North R Street)

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